You're in the project output

This website is the main output of the project. Here you can find in-depth contents, film clips, images, suggested activities and inspirations. The contents are organised to compose an educational tool (available in English, French, Hungarian, Italian and Portuguese) by exploring the multiple relationships between art and cinema.

A unique educational tool

The partnership, composed by European cinema archives and cinema education experts, together with visual art professionals has developed paths between cinema and the arts. These have been edited using heritage films, contemporary cinema with particular attention to European films, and a wide spectrum of artworks.

Ready to use paths

The paths proposed are digital dossiers to draw resources and inspiration from. They can be used for lessons and activities in the classroom, at the museum, or at home for students via virtual classes or individually. The dossiers have been created with a simple language, ready to be used at different ages (from 6 years old), school grades and at different depth.

Who's behind this?

Project partners

CINARTS partnership puts together the expertise of European film archives, proven image education skills, and the audience development approach.

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