The magic reality

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There is a very fine line between magic and reality. Sometimes we may ask: what is reality?

What is magic? When magical elements appear without explanation in life, we are also the creators of this magical reality in itself.

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workshop, lesson, screening
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5 hours

After screening the film Le Ballon rouge by Albert Lamorisse, the students discussed their first impressions: what did they think of the film, their favourite parts, notes, comments, questions and answers.

The magical realities in one’s life were also discussed, in a reflection about the magical reality. There is the fusion of reality with the magical universe, where strange elements appear to be normal and where magical elements suddenty appear without explanation, revealing the thin line between magic and reality. The observation and analysis of the painting The Red Balloon, by Paul Klee, will lead to a painting and photograph of each student, within each own magical reality.

Workshop description:

  1. Screening of the film The Red Balloon. First impressions. Discussing the relationship between the boy and the balloon. Was this interaction between the two really possible? In reality? What is reality? What is magic? Is there magic in reality? Where, how?
  2. Each student finds a comfortable place and writes down a magical thing or magical event that has already happened to them or that they wish had happened. These events are then openly shared between the class.
  3. Each student will choose/collect/take a picture of the place where the magical event happened or imagined it would happen.
  4. Observation and analysis of the painting The Red Balloon by Paul Klee, relating it with aspects of the film.
  5. Each student, with charcoal pencils, will draw on top of the picture-landscape depicting the magical event. With carbon paper, they will draw the whole image (photograph + magic drawing) on an A4 paper to unite everything in a single stroke. With watercolours and gouache, they will paint this drawing.
  6. Each painting is photographed and the images are projected onto a wall.
  7. Students can then interact with their own magical reality – a picture is taken while this performance is happening in each of their own magical realities.

Introduction to magical realism through works of art (film and painting). Discovery and search of magical realism in one’s life.


Film screening, analysis and painting in a collective thoughtful reflection. These exercises, analysis of the works, together with students’ questions and answers, challenged the students to enhance their own creativity and imagination. Students questioned themselves about their own magical and/or unreal world and represented it in a drawing, painting and an interactive performance with that same painting.

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Activity - The Magical Reality
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